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Upcoming Events in April

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Gold Coast Film Festival 2019

Catch these exciting movies and events showing this April. Enjoy these Gold Coast events 2019.

Emerge! Short Films

EMERGE! presents x short films from some of Queensland’s recent crop of graduating film students. The event is meant to showcase the most promising film talent from Queensland’s next generation of filmmakers who came from film schools, universities and TAFE.

The Best Student Short Film Award will win a $250 cash prize.

Ticket includes the movie screening and one Burleigh Brewing Co Beer.

Catch the films on April 12 at Home of the Arts.

Web Series

Edgy comedy, well-observed documentary, moving and light-hearted dramas. This carefully chosen selection of web series is a fresh look at short-form storytelling, from some of Australia’s most brilliant producers. Discover some of the best new series all in one place and then go home and binge-watch your favourites. Here are the finalists screening in competition:

Fresh: The staff of a Melbourne fresh food market strain to keep things professional in a world where trades are family-run, bargains are yelled at in several languages, and no one gets served unless he wins an elbow fight.

Freudian Slip is a comedy web series that takes Freud’s theory of the split self to externalise internal problems around love, sex & shitting.

Stage Mums Shaz and Trace are best friends with immensely talented teenage daughters, Shenaya and Abcde. They face all the critical issues: pompous kids, annoying parents, eisteddfods, social media, shady castings and Sav Blanc.

The Actress Diaries is a mockumentary based in Vancouver. It follows the exploits of two aspiring actors as they chase their dreams amidst the aggressive Hollywood North.

The Streets Barber Stories shows personal stories from people who are rarely addressed or considered by most in the community. Nasir Sobhani, commonly known as The Streets Barber, walks around Melbourne and does a simple act of charity of giving those in need of a ‘new start’ a free haircut.

Two Weeks: Can you fall in love again with someone who had broken your heart? After reconnecting with her ex-girlfriend on a dating app, Audrey takes a risk by giving Claire a second chance.

Catch Web Series on April 13 at Home of the Arts.

As Needed (Quanto Basta)

Arturo is a chef who has problems with keeping his anger under control. After he gets in trouble with the law, he is sentenced to community service where he has to teach cooking classes. Here, Arturo meets Guido, a gifted young chef with autism, and friendship blooms. As Arturo helps his new friend practice for a cooking competition, he also reignites his passion for food.

This feel-good comedy takes audiences on a culinary journey across the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany, filled with tantalising Italian food and full-throated laughs.

This simple and sinfully good comedy serves it up.

Country: Italy

Catch the film from April 7 - 11 at Home of the Arts.

The Heiresses

Chela and Chiquita are an upper-class lesbian couple. Their lives are upturned after Chiquita’s debts eventually catch up to her. Chiquita is thrown into jail. After many years of being together, they are separated. Chela has no choice but to sell off their assets. She finds her comfortable existence rapidly changing.

The Heiresses is a remarkably sensitive character study, emphasising the journey of two women, suddenly thrown out of a complacent rut, and into the joys and pains of real life. With breathtaking central performances and dazzling cinematography, this is a vibrant, great cinema at its most refined.

This beautifully- crafted debut offers a sharp commentary on class, privilege and the elite.

Country: Paraguay

The film has garnered awards at the Berlin Film Festival (Best Actress), Sydney Film Festival (Best Film in Competition)

Catch the movie from April 6 - 10 at Home of the Arts.

Little Woods

Catch the Queensland Premiere of little Woods.

Tessa Thompson is explosive as Ollie, an ex-con with just a few days left on her parole. Ollie and her estranged sister Deb (Lily James) are quickly thrown back into a life of crime after their mother dies leaving them with overwhelming debts that bring them to the edge of homelessness.

First-time filmmaker Nia DaCosta creates a genuinely modern western, featuring a gripping indictment of an American society that forces women into cycles of crime and poverty. Little Woods is an emotional and timely, crime-thriller announcing DaCosta as a young American indie filmmaker to look out for.

DaCosta effectively balances Ollie’s illicit activities and grounds them with the economic problems that so many of us experience to create a certain kind of suspense.

Country: USA

Catch Little Woods from April 5 - 9 at Home of the Arts.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

This is the Queensland Premiere of the film.

Inspired by the bestselling novel, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe, the film stars Bollywood star Dhanush. This fantastically entertaining romp follows Aja, a fiery character raised in the slums of Mumbai, as he travels to Paris in search of his long lost father.

Spanning several countries from Spain to Libya to Italy, Aja’s journey includes Bollywood dance numbers, European starlets, and a strange trip inside… an Ikea Wardrobe. Keeping a frenetic pace, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir is a sweet, heart-warming journey playing like magic realism combined with Slumdog Millionaire and Around the World in 80 Days.

This feel-good migration movie has everything - musical numbers, deadpan humour, magical realism and heart-tugging drama.

Catch the film from 4 - 14 April at Home of the Arts.

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